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January 2014

Hopewell Studios on Facebook 

We now have our own dedicated Facebook page, so feel free to pop over and 'like' us!

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Saturday 21st December 2013

Giving or receiving a Compact Camera this Christmas?

Why not take a workshop at Hopewell Studios in Knaresborough with photographer Edward Webster?

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Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Richard's Doctor Who art

Over at www.outpostskaro.com, they are sporting some new Christmas banners by Richard, based on drawings done for his latest poster.

Click here to visit Outpost Skaro...


Sunday 24th November 2013

'Where's K-9?'

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, Richard Sargent presents this new themed artwork... Can you find K-9 hidden among all the Doctors, companions and monsters?

Click here to see the artwork...


Monday 19th August 2013

The Silent Years Amazon bargain

Amazon.co.uk have currently got 'The Silent Years' DVD on offer at £11.70, the best price online!

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Sunday 7th April 2013

Answer key update for 'Where's WALL-E 2'

The extra characters on the poster version are finally identified, with the full list now including all 199 (Wall-E himself brings the total to 200, if you can find him!).

Click here to see the updated answer key...


Monday 25th March 2013

'Where's WALL-E 2' poster available now!

Richard's second 'Where's WALL-E?' artwork is now up for sale in our online shop as an A1 size poster. We also have an option to buy both 'Where's WALL-E?' posters together for a discounted price.

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Wednesday 20th March 2013

'Where's WALL-E 2' Final version

The final poster version of 'Where's WALL-E 2' features a few new additional androids and cyborgs. Have a go at identifying the new ones for a chance to win a signed copy, see Richard's Twitter page for details: @richardjsargent

Click here  to see the updated poster image...


Saturday 2nd February 2013

Happy Groundhog Day!

A new piece of Geekings art by Richard Sargent to celebrate 20 years of the movie.

Click here to see the artwork...


Thursday 31st January 2013

Competition closes

A reminder that today is the last date for entries into the 'Where's WALL-E 2' competition. Have you named all the characters and where they're from? Entries will be evaluated over the next week or so, and a list of the correct answers will be published soon too...

Click here for the answers...


Thursday 27th December 2012

'Where's WALL-E? 2' competition 

Richard Sargent's popular 'Where's WALL-E?' poster gets a sequel! This time Wall-E is hiding amongst a crowd of androids, cyborgs, synthetics and replicants. But how many can you name?

Click here for the competition...


Thursday 20th December 2012

Season's Geekings

Richard's Geekings themed Christmas card this year is a Doctor Who take on 'The Snowman' (a sequel to the 1982 animated film called 'The Snowman and the Snow Dog' is showing over Christmas).

Click here to see the full art...


Monday 27th August 2012

Geekings on Etsy

Richard's 'Where's WALL-E' poster is now up for sale on Etsy, the online handmade marketplace. This is the first item available there so far, but more will surely follow!

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Tuesday 5th June 2012

Posters back soon

'Where's WALL-E' posters will be back in stock from Monday 11th June. Please note that to keep up with demand we will only be able to process a certain number of orders per week, but restocks will happen every Monday.


Thursday 24th May 2012

Warp speed ahead Mr Sulu!

George Takei of Star Trek fame has posted 'Where's WALL-E' on his Facebook page and generated plenty of interest (44,000 'likes' and 23,000 comments so far). This means our new print run can go ahead, and should be in stock within a few weeks!

Click here to see the George Takei Facebook page...


Thursday 5th April 2012

Where is 'Where's WALL-E?'? 

We are now out of stock of all 'Where's WALL-E?' posters. In order to guarantee another print run we need enough interest to be shown, so please contact us if you missed out and would want to buy a poster from a new run.

Let us know with a quick message here...

Or get in touch with Richard on Twitter: @richardjsargent


Monday 5th March 2012

Last 'Where's WALL-E?' posters for a while

The last in the current run of Richard Sargent's posters go on sale tomorrow. Another print run may happen in the future if there is enough call for it.

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Saturday 31st December 2011

'Where's WALL-E' posters back in the new year

The popular A1 poster of 'Where's WALL-E', which has been sold out for a few weeks now, will be restocked in January. Happy New Year!


Monday 26th December 2011

Richard's vintage Christmas comic!

Travel back in time 23 years to read the 1988 Dale comics Christmas special, produced by Richard when he was a mere fifteen years old!

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Tuesday 6th December 2011

Transformers references galore!

Check out the full list of references to various Transformers lore that Richard crammed into his promotional Christmas card for Paramount UK.

See full list on Transformers UK Facebook page...


Thursday 1st December 2011

Season's Geekings!

Richard Sargent's latest Geekings Cards design is a Christmas Card commissioned as promotion for the DVD release of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. Spot all the Transformers references!

Click here to see the official web message, click thumbnail on right for larger format image...


Thursday 22nd September 2011

Win Geekings Cards

The Unmutual website, dedicated to The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan and Portmeirion, is currently running a competition to win some of Richard Sargent's Geekings Cards.

Click here for their homepage for a chance to win...


Monday 12th September 2011

Twitter competition 

Richard is currently running an exclusive competition on twitter to win a signed poster. All you have to do is spot the new robots which have been added to 'Where's WALL-E?' and name them.

Follow @richardjsargent and post your answers!


Saturday 10th September 2011

The Silent Years back in stock

Richard and Simon's animated film 'The Silent Years' is now back in stock after being unavailable for a few months.

Click here to buy the DVD of The Silent Years...


Tuesday 6th September 2011

Competition results...

After much counting and evaluating of entries, the winner of our competition to win a signed poster can be announced...

Click here to read about the results...


Tuesday 6th September 2011

A1 size posters of 'Where's WALL-E?' available now!

New to our online shop, Richard Sargent's compendium of non-human characters has been printed at A1 size. That's 841mm x 594mm (or 33.1 x 23.4 if you prefer inches). This is a new updated version, with extra added robots (and a little surprise if you thought you'd found Wall-E!).

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Friday 2nd September 2011

'Where's WALL-E?' answer list

As the competition has now closed, we can reveal the full list of identities of all the robotic characters in Richard Sargent's popular 'Where's WALL-E?' artwork. Find those obscure names that were eluding you now!

Click here for the full list of answers...


Wednesday 31st August 2011

Competition closes

A reminder that today is the last date for entries into the 'Where's WALL-E?' competition. Have you named all the characters and where they're from? Entries will be evaluated over the next week or so, and a list of the correct answers will be published soon too...


Wednesday 24th August 2011


Richard is now on twitter, you can find him as @richardjsargent.


Sunday 21st August 2011

'Where's WALL-E?' update

We've had lots of enquiries about posters. Richard is currently finalising the artwork, and posters are planned to be made available soon. For those curious about the names of robots a full list of characters will be published after the competition is over.


Thursday 7th July 2011

Geekings Cards Competition

Win a signed poster print of Richard's 'Where's WALL-E?' art! How many characters can you identify? Use the guide picture to name as many as you can. The most correct answers will win a poster. Answers to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Closing date for entries 31st August 2011. Entries will be judged by name and origin of each character; in the event of a tie a winner will be chosen at random.

Click here to view the numbered guide...


Thursday 30th June 2011

'Where's WALL-E?' art from Geekings Cards

A new piece of artwork by Richard Sargent, featuring a huge crowd of robots from movies, television and more. Can you find WALL-E among them?

Click here to view the artwork...


Thursday 21st January 2011
'Geekings Cards' Season Five available now

Latest set of greetings cards from Richard Sargent available now from our shop.

Click here to buy in our shop...


Thursday 25th November 2010

'Geekings Cards' Season Four available now

The fourth collection of Richard Sargent's greetings cards is up for sale now in our online shop.

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Thursday 7th October 2010

'Geekings Cards' Season Five update

The designs for Season Five are now up to see on our Geekings Cards webpage.

Click here for the 'Geekings Cards' webpage...


Monday 27th September 2010

'Geekings Cards' Season Three now available

The ongoing saga of the sci-fi/cult greetings cards continues, with Season Three available from our shop now!

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Friday 6th August 2010

'Geekings Cards' update

An advance preview of the Season Four designs is now up exclusively on the Geekings Cards Facebook page. Thanks to bulk reordering we are also able to drop the price on Seasons One and Two to £6.99 in our online shop!

Click here for the Geekings Cards Facebook page...

geekings logo thumb.jpg 

Saturday 3rd July 2010

'Geekings Cards' Facebook page

The preview of Season Three is now up on the 'Geekings Cards' Facebook page. Become a Fan now!

Click here for the Geekings Cards Facebook page...


Thursday 24th June 2010

The Silent Years DVD on eBay

Hopewell Studios has started an eBay account, and we have listed Simon & Richard's DVD version of The Silent Years as our first item! Bid from £8.99 or 'But It Now' for £11.99 - either way it's a bargain! Auction has now ended.

Click here to see the eBay listing for The Silent Years...


Monday 21st June 2010

Season 2 of 'Geekings Cards' now available

To coincide with the first day of Wimbledon, Richard's new line of exclusive greetings cards continues with Season Two, which includes a unique take on the famous McEnroe vs Borg match! Another set of three cards, with envelopes. Professionally printed on glossy card.

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Tuesday 8th June 2010

Fifteen Silent Years!

Yes, hard to believe, but The Silent Years animated film was officially finished, submitted and evaluated as Simon Webster & Richard Sargent's final Degree work, back in May and June of 1995...

Click here to read about the making of The Silent Years...


Tuesday 1st June 2010

'Geekings Cards' now available

Richard's new line of exclusive greetings cards begins with Season One - a set of three cards, with envelopes. Professionally printed on glossy card.

Click here to buy from our online shop...


Saturday 29th May 2010

'Geekings Cards' preview

A new line of humorous greetings cards by Richard Sargent, with a cult/sci-fi theme. Soon to be on sale in our online shop. See the designs here.

Click here for the Geekings Cards page...


Thursday 29th April 2010

The Silent Years leaflet ad

A new leaflet design to promote The Silent Years DVD and abbey ruins in England including Fountains Abbey. If you have an outlet for Public Information leaflets you can request copies from us by email.

Click here to see the full design layout of the front side
Click here to see the full design layout of the reverse. The leaflet is designed to be folded in three.


Wednesday 10th February 2010

Page for Whitby Abbey added

As a follow up to our page devoted to Fountains Abbey, we add photos and a brief intro to the monastic ruins at Whitby.

Click here for the Whitby Abbey page...


Thursday 14th January 2010

Amazon.co.uk link button

Hopewell Studios has used the Amazon Associates program to add a product link button to the Noticeboard on our main site layout for The Silent Years DVD, which is available on Amazon.co.uk.

Click here for our homepage, the Noticeboard is also on the right column of most pages on this site...


Saturday 2nd January 2010

Richard Sargent artwork updated

A couple of new images have been added to Richard's art gallery section, including his caricature of Patrick McGoohan as The Prisoner...

Click here to see the Richard's Caricature gallery...


Friday 1st January 2010

News and Events News!

For the start of the new year we have decided to clear all our old News & Events into a new Archive News section.

Click here to see the News and Events Archive...