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Merry Christmas from Geekings Cards courtesy of Paramount UK's DVD release of Transformers 'Dark of the Moon'... Richard Sargent's Transformers themed Christmas card celebration. Season's Geekings everybody!

A new range of exclusive greetings cards by Richard Sargent, with the theme of humorous takes on cult/sci-fi tv and movies. This unique line of cards is being sold in packs of three designs. Size 18cm x 12cm approx. Professionally printed on glossy card. Envelopes included. Buy the cards in our online shop here...

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Season One set contains Starbuck's Coffee, Jaws, and The Prisoner. The idea for this project came from Richard's own interest in films and science fiction, and his previous artwork which has covered caricatures of characters such as Patrick McGoohan as The Prisoner (a black & white drawing done in 1995, recently coloured and finished - see details here). Other one-offs along the way have included art based on The X Files (2000) and Jaws (2002). It was decided to turn these caricatures into greetings card designs by adding a humorous punchline, and combine them with a series of brand new illustrations which have been produced specifically with the 'Geekings Card' concept in mind (typically more visual and filled with in-jokes, such as Starbuck's).

Season One Available now... 
Geekings Cards Battlestar Galactica 
Starbuck's Coffee
Featuring references to both old and new Battlestar Galactica. The Starbuck character is deliberately ambiguous whether it's the male or female version!

Caricature of Roy Scheider and friend... 

The Prisoner
Caricature of Patrick McGoohan in Portmeirion. The slogan also works as an in-joke from the tv series. For extra geek points we recommend writing 'Many Happy Returns' inside (the title of one of the episodes!).

Season Two Available now... 
Geekings Cards Wimbledon 
McEnroe v Borg
A unique twist on the famous match of the 1980s. 

Geekings Cards Star Trek Enterprise Quantum Leap 
Quantum Trek
Sam Beckett finds himself leaping into another franchise...

Tom Baker cartoon caricature Doctor Who K9 
Jelly Baby
A caricature of Tom Baker as the Doctor. Originally designed as a one-off birthday card in 2006.

Season Three Available now... 
Geekings Cards War of the Worlds Martians cartoon 
War of the War of the Worlds 
A piece of art which existed as a black & white drawing from 2007 and has been coloured and finished for 'Geekings Cards'.

Star Trek cartoon caricature Data Picard Make it so 
Make it so 
New design featuring caricatures of Brent Spiner (Data) and Patrick Stewart (Picard).

Geekings Cards The X Files Mulder Scully cartoon caricature 
The Truth...
Originally a pencil sketch drawn for a competition in 2000, this caricature of Mulder & Scully was digitally rendered for Richard's portfolio in 2005.

Season Four Available now... 
Cybermen cartoon funny Cyberbullying 
The Cybermen pick on the new kid!

Dyson Terminator Sarah Connor caricature cartoon 
The Wrong Dyson 
Sarah Connor goes after the scientist responsible for Skynet... Whoops wrong one!

Saturday Night Fever cartoon caricature 
Saturday Night Hay Fever 
Travolta finds his dance moves hampered...

Season Five Available now... 
McGoohan The Prisoner cartoon I am not a number.jpg 
Come in Number Six 
Another card inspired by Patrick McGoohan's 'The Prisoner'.

Aliens Queen takes Bishop caricature cartoon chess 
Queen Takes Bishop
Ripley believe it or not, it's a caricature of Lance Henriksen as the android from 'Aliens'!

columbo cartoon Peter Falk caricature Just one more thing.jpg 
Just One More Thing...
Caricature of Peter Falk as Lieutenant Columbo. 

'Where's WALL-E?' giant robot art 
This new piece of artwork by Richard is a one-off design, by far the largest Geekings project to date, which is currently planned to be made available as a poster. Inspired by the famous 'Where's Wally/Waldo' pictures, the idea was to have a crowd of robotic creations (each of which is taken from a movie, tv show, computer game etc) and hide WALL-E amongst them...

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